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Strategies to Improve Your Business Visibility Online

Customers are searching for businesses like yours everyday.  Google maps is one of the most common ways your business will be listed and help customers locate your services.

Growing a business is hard work.

Maintaining an existing customer base is important. Creating a stream of new customers is the best way to make your business grow.

Keep your website and SEO optimization up to date. That does not have to be difficult or expensive.

We are helping clients with successful optimization strategies that work.

Helping you rank as high as possible with Local Listings is our goal. Generating more sales means your business grows and you make more money.



High quality content and good basic SEO are valuable for your business.

SEO optimization makes your website more attractive to search engines and customers.

Search engine robots will rank optimized content higher on a search engine page.

Visitors to your website need quality content that is easy to understand.

Search engines prefer updated sites.

A weekly blog would show search engines that you maintain and update your site.



Consumers want results when searching for the businesses and services they want and need.

Finding your business on Google and Google maps is important.

A significant presence on Google maps is a competitive advantage.

Claiming or creating a new Google My Business profile will place you on Google Maps.

Taking advantage of Google Tools with help you make more money.


Staying on top of your Reviews

Which would you trust more ? Claims by the maker of a product or consumer reviews ?

It’s likely you would be more influenced by your fellow consumers.

When considering buying from you, it’s likely customers will think the same way.

Seeing good experiences will have a positive influence.

Many small businesses who fear a bad image delete bad reviews. Consumers can see right through that.

Small businesses should embrace reviews, even if they are good or bad.

Good reviews boost rankings with search engines as well as grow your business.

Bad reviews can be useful by helping to improve products and services.

The more people talk about your company, the more successful you will be.


Being Relevant on Social Media

Interaction with customers on social media improves your SEO rankings.

Tweet, post, and like other content on social sites that make sense for your business.

Solving their problems is the best way to turn shoppers into customers.

Give reasons why social media users should become your customers. Video is one great way to tell the advantages of your business.

Include social media optimization in your marketing plan:

Helps customers to find your brand
It’s an easy way to build and grow your customer base
Improves your ranking in search engines
Build up connections with your target audience
Helps promotes your brand authority in a niche market